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  • GEN-SFP-100-K1
Fence Panels

We offer you the most suitable solutions by developing your automation systems for efficient, fast and economical operation of your machines in factories, enterprises and workshops.

We design your electrical controlled machinery and equipment according to the latest innovations by using PLC systems and we will save you working comfort and time.

Automation and PLC Systems are offered by GENMACS to give you fast and high quality service.

We help our customers to deliver their production with the best quality and cost and to improve their production efficiency and offer world-class services in many industry sectors and industrial automation.

To deliver automation technology in the most reliable and quality way; rapidly adapt to technological developments in the automation sector; We are on your side with our work quality, reliability, unconditional customer satisfaction.

Companies need modernization or, at least, expansion, to protect their competitiveness in the market.

While competitive pressure is continuously increasing, it is forcing companies to be more productive in their productivity and to shorten their time to market.

Rising raw material costs require continuous optimization of engineering and process processes. This means that conversion to new systems is becoming increasingly important for plant operators.

In accordance with the automation process needs, we serve our country industry with PLC applications, machine automation, HMI, SCADA, AC motor drive applications and engineering services.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.safetyfencesystem.com

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